Air Conditioned Sukkah

Air Conditioned Sukkahs are made from EaseLock Sukkah Bars for the frame and Insulated Boards for the Walls. They are custom built and price depends on size. Listed price includes AC unit, scach and assembly

Current Prices do not include summer discount, Please call Rabbi Avi Parsons at (305)-521-9525 or email and mention Summer Online Sale.  

AC Sukkahs only available in South Florida


4x6 = $2250

6x8= $2650

8x8= $3200

8x10= $3600

8x12= $4250

10x12= $4750

10x16= $5200

10x20= $5600

12x16= $5800

12x20= $6000

12x24= $6500