E-Z Lock Sukkahs

SUNSHINE SUKKAH FEATURES:                                                                                       

Our sukkah canvas has mesh windows all around so that you are assured maximum ventilation. The windows allow airflow through your sukkah and the screens filter the direct sunlight allowing for the most pleasurable yom tov experience.

Specifically designed with you in mind for maximum comfort. Combined with convenience & ease of our ease-lock system, installing & storing the sukkah is an absolute snap!                         

EASELOCK FRAME FEATURES:                                                                                           

 1.2 Gauge frame (50% thicker then most competitors)                                                       

 Galvanized connection tips to prevent rust                                                                         

 Precisely engineered steel loops and prongs for tight fit

* Note: Bamboo poles or Notched wood supports are provided as a free complimentary item with the purchase of a sukkah and schach. Subject to availability and not eligible for refund/replacement.