Easelock Sunshine Sukkah


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Easelock Sunshine Sukkahs were designed with two Goals in mind: Keeping our Southern Friends as cool as possible during the warm Sukkot Holiday and doing so in a sukkah that is easy to assemble. The Easelock Sunshine Sukka has surpassed these goals and with 11 different sizes both large and small families can enjoy this sukkot innovation. 

What separates the Easelock Sunshine Sukka from its competitors is the mesh fabric walls which have screen windows allowing for full ventilation while preventing direct sunlight from raising the temperature inside. In addition, removable window covers allow you to choose how much ventilation or privacy you wish to have.  The Easelock Sunshine Sukkah’s steel frame locks in place giving your Sukkah Durability and Strength. Purchase a Easelock Sunshine Sukkah today and never worry spending hours putting together a sukkah again.









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